All the action at this year's Southern 80

February 10, 2017

Weekend schedule 


7am-9am: Breakfast With The Stars at Kerrabee Soundshell, Moama

A range of boats will be on display and fans have the opportunity to chat with some of the big names in ski racing, including breakfast supplied by Beechworth Bakery and poster signings.

11am-5pm: Competitors can collect paperwork from Moama Water Sports Club office, 54 Mundarra Rd, Echuca.


7.30am: Gates open at Victoria Park, Scenic Dr, Echuca

This year’s finish line will feature a big screen streaming all the racing action live from start to finish, Southern 80 merchandise, a free jumping castle and water slide, music entertainment and more.

Costs for a one day pass is $25, weekend pass $35, corporate tent $150 per day with parking available for $5 and a courtesy bus from car parking to the gate and return all day.

9am: Racing starts from 5 Mile boat ramp

The day begins with the unlimited inboard social class through to the under 10 tadpoles.

9am-1pm: Total Tools Static Display on Hare St between Anstruther and Darling streets, Echuca

Seven Superclass boats and a range of other teams will be on display as well as Southern 80 merchandise and some team merchandise available for sale.

2pm: First boats away in the Baker’s Blitz and President’s Dash

The qualifying races for Sunday’s Southern 80 start times with the 2016 winner, The Mistress, leading the Superclass boats followed by the veterans and senior social class races.

5.30pm: Presentations at Victoria Park


7.30am: Gates open at Victoria Park, Scenic Dr, Echuca

8.30am-10am: Racing starts from Torrumbarry Weir

The first of Sunday’s races along the 80km course begin with the super social class kicking off the day followed by all expert engine classes.

12.30pm: First superclass boat away

This year’s superclass will feature the best of the best with seven teams entered and is left wide open for any one of them to take out the race to be crowned the best of the best.

5.30pm: Presentations

Competitors from across the region taking part in this year's Southern 80


Observers: Paul Jones (unlimited inboard expert, open women social, Presidents Dash).

Skiers: Riley Arnold, Coojac Racing (200hp outboard social).


Drivers: Brad Groves, Stalker (unlimited inboard expert, Presidents Dash); Douglas Binnie, Crusher (SMOC social/expert); Jessica Pearse, 99 Psycho Clowns (Bakers Blitz, superclass); Leo Welch, The Mistress (Bakers Blitz, superclass); Neil Donald (sub junior social), Nicholas Groves, Coojac Racing (200hp outboard social/expert); Paul Collard, Doindough (unlimited inboard expert); Peter Hilet, Sid Vicious Racing (junior social, junior boys expert, under 10s boys); Tony Fox, Aquanut (SMOC social/expert); Wesley Davison, Streak’N (under 10s girls, sub junior boys expert).

Observers: Adam Reid, 1350F1 (unlimited inboard expert, Presidents Dash, junior boys expert); Anthony O’Reilly (stock litre 6 social/expert); Carlie Davison, Streak’N (under 10s girls, sub junior boys expert); Kieran Hinck, Doindough (unlimited inboard expert); Lloyd Woolman, Sapphire (under 10s boys); Mark Binnie, Ballistic Still (unlimited outboard social, open women social); Natalie Reid, Velocity Racing (F2 expert); Neil Donald, Reactor (unlimited inboard social, senior social 30-39, super social); Sam Horne, Sportspage (super social reactor, 8 litre expert, Presidents Dash, unlimited inboard social).

Skiers: Ben Horne (stock 6 litre social); Cameron Mitchell, Burnin (unlimited inboard expert, Presidents Dash); Charlette Davison, Streak’N (under 10s girls); Cody Johnson, Recoverys Reflection (open women expert); Corrine Donald, Stealth (open women expert) Illusions Racing (open women social); Emma Binnie, Ballistic Still (unlimited outboard expert, open women social); Grant Mitchell (70mph social/expert); Jake Clancy, Sonic Boats (sub junior social); Jaymi Clancy (sub junior girls expert); Joshua Reid, Velocity Racing (F2 expert); Kody Davison, Streak’N (sub junior boys expert, sub junior social); Kohdi Cartledge, Seriously Grow Up (under 10s boys); Leanne Binnie, Crusher (SMOC social/expert); Leilani Cartledge, Heaven Sent F2 (under 10s girls); Lisa Clancy, Coojac Racing (200hp outboard expert); Lloyd Woolman, Sapphire (Bakers Blitz, superclass); Thomas Hilet, Sid Vicious Racing (under 10s boys); Ben Horne, Predator (70mph expert); Brent Dunstall, The Wedge (70mph expert); Dylan Stevenson, The Mistress (Bakers Blitz, superclass); Grant Mitchell, Elementrix (8 litre expert); Jake Clancy, Sonic Boats (sub junior boys expert); Jamieson Horne, The Croc (junior girls expert); Matthew Hilet, Sid Vicious Racing (junior social, junior boys expert); Nathan Evans (8 litre expert, Presidents Dash).


Drivers: David Atley, The Wedge (60 mph social, 70mph expert).

Observers: Scott Collins, The Wedge (60 mph social).

Skiers: Scott Collins, The Wedge (70mph expert)


Skiers: Bryce Horne, Liquid Ice (junior social, junior boys expert); Josh Horne (unlimited outboard social/expert); Kane Horne, Liquid Ice (junior social, junior boys expert).


Drivers: Dean Johns, Sportspage (Presidents Dash, 8 litre expert, unlimited inboard social); Greg Plummer, Heaven Sent (F2 expert); Kris Pogorelec, Brute Force (stock 6 litre social/expert, veterans).

Observers: Andrew Hutchins, Chosen (F2 expert, unlimited outboard social); Brian Griffin, The Mistress (Bakers Blitz, superclass); Christian Apps, Merc Force (open women expert, Presidents Dash); Greg Plummer, Heaven Sent (under 10s girls); Simon Zealley, Sid Vicious Racing (junior boys expert, junior social, under 10s boys).

Skiers: Blaze Branson (junior boys expert); Emma Wymer, 1350 (junior boys expert) Triple 666 (16-19 girls expert); Keegan Hutchins, Chosen (F2 expert, unlimited outboard social); Jade Pumpa, No Patience (unlimited inboard expert, Presidents Dash); Kasey Branson (sub junior social, sub junior lites boys and girls).


Driver: Shaun Tomkins, Mercury Rising (60mph social)

Skiers: Chloe Muus, Doindough (unlimited inboard expert), Lance Muus, Doindough (unlimited inboard expert), Marly McConnell (60mph social).

Observer: Garry McConnell (60mph social).


Observers: Shaun Williams, Liquid Ice (junior social, super social, unlimited inboard social, junior boys expert).


Drivers: Jason Cartledge, Heaven Sent F2 (under 10s girls).

Skiers: Jason Cartledge (8 litre expert, Presidents Dash)

The classes


Teams nominate for the class at the start of the season, but eligibility is determined by the Ski Racing Australia board. The class allows the sport to be represented in a professional manner.

Formula 2

Minimum length of hull is 5.48m and class is for single outboards only. Engine capacity is to have a maximum manufacturer’s rating of 300 horsepower. 60mph; 70mph: competitors must not exceed 60mph (96.5kph) or 70mph (112.6kph) in their respective classes. Competitors are tracked by a GPS on board. Skis and rope lengths are unrestricted, unless in social. At least one skier must have a restricted membership.


Motor is outside the boat


Motor is inside the boat


Twin rigs, modified or super sports- total displacement of the engine(s) should not exceed 9.42 litres.

Unlimited Naturally Aspirated

No turbo or supercharged engines.


Standard Motor Open Cockpit. Up to 250 advertised horsepower. Optional or special order parts are not allowed.


Modified Open Cockpit. Engine modifications are allowed, with a maximum of 3.5 litre engine capacity.


Standard production motor with maximum manufacturer/official rating of 200 horsepower.

Stock 6 litre, 5.2 litre, 6 litre, 8 litre

Refers to the engine capacity.

Age classes

Under 10s (tadpoles), Sub Juniors boys and girls, Junior boys and girls, 16-19 year old boys and girls, Senior Social over 35 years, Veterans over 40 years: classes determined by age of the skiers. All boat motor capacity of the divisions are unrestricted.

Social Class

Provides a class in which most social skiers may be competitive (depending on their skiing skill). The skis used should not have a significant advantage over any of the commonly available and popular slalom skis. Maximum length of social class ropes is 36m.


Allows disabled skiers to take part.

Bakers’ Blitz

A qualifier for the Superclass event. Named after commentators Ron and Maureen Baker.

President’s Dash

An invitational event for teams not in superclass, yet are highly competitive. Allows teams to earn a seeding for their respective classes.

The stats say

BEFORE everyone is seen at the finish line at Victoria Park, indeed, before any boat even gets put into the waters of the Murray River for this year’s Southern 80 weekend, there’s plenty of ways to look at the event by the numbers.

More than 200 boats have entered the 2017 edition, with more than 400 individuals skiing behind them.

The largest class of racing in terms of people entered will be the 60 miles per hour social and expert classes — proof that going slightly slower doesn’t mean less fun is had.

Two new classes will also be introduced this year — the Weekend Warriors social skiers and Sub Junior Lites.

At least 30 boats will be towing in three or more classes during the weekend - with the Clog and Illusions teams both taking on four.

The majority of the field have two runs on the River, with less than 40 just making the journey once.

Boats are arriving from five states of Australia — the most coming from Victoria, then New South Wales.

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