Mums flushed with pride

February 13, 2017

Debbie Grehan watching on as her son Riley completes his first Southern 80 in the under 10s.

Riley Grehan gives us a wave on his way to the start line on Southern 80 Saturday

It wasn't only the tadpoles who were nervous ahead of their first races on Saturday morning.

The mothers were just as anxious to see the under 10s cross the finish line at Victoria Park boat ramp.

Just ask Debbie Grehan, who observed for Pumped Up ahead of the under 10s in the unlimited outboard social class and said it had already been a stressful morning.

Her team had to stop and help another boat which had flipped in front of theirs, but the incident was all but forgotten as she watched her son Riley complete his first Southern 80.

‘‘I’m very proud to see him race,’’ she said.

The family travelled 750km from a town in NSW to race at the weekend.

And despite Debbie’s own bad run in the morning, Riley finished the race without any concerns behind Showbiz.

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