Sapphire just can’t take a trick

February 13, 2017

Sapphire Racing driven by Tim Pickford observer Christopher Gelle with skiers Lloyd Woolman and Steven Berry during the Southern 80.

Sapphire hoped to make up for the previous year’s disastrous run when it raced in the 2017 superclass.

Local Echuca skier Lloyd Woolman said the team would be chasing The Mistress all the way to the finish line when they took off after them on Sunday.

However, the team never finished after one of its skiers hit the rollers behind one of the houseboats and came off near Brown’s slipway.

Driver Tim Pickford said the team’s run ended after the race was red-flagged.

‘‘Obviously it’s disappointing to not finish,’’ he said.

‘‘But we’ll be back again next year.

‘‘Both the skiers are okay now.’’

A successful Baker’s Blitz meant Sapphire left Torrumbarry Weir second after starting the previous year in prime position.

Woolman was confident the team would have done well this year before their run was ended prematurely.

‘‘It’s good having someone to chase down the river,’’ Woolman said.

‘‘Leo (Welch) is a local and knows the course better than anyone.

‘‘As long as we can follow his lines and stick with him as best we can we should finish in a good time.’’

Woolman said to start first was always the goal for any team, but he was happy with where they ended up.

‘‘Hopefully we’ll have a smooth run and see how it all pans out at the finish line,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s going to be tough for anyone to win and in the end everything has to go right.’’

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